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Allow Me to Introduce Myself, Please

     Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends!

For those new to my site, I am a songwriter, and the author of the book, Heaven Heals (By Understanding Abraham’s Covenant). I’ve had many readers ask why I wrote the book and, although there were several catalysts, my best motivation was that I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify several confusing Biblical accounts, one of which is the account of Sarah and Abraham.  The Bible is full of stories, parables, and lessons, some of which are more discernible than others. When I first read the account of Sarah and Abraham, I thought it was an awful story, full of drama, sadness, and plenty of tragedy to go around for all involved.  But, as a result of my years of research and scripture study, I wrote the book in hopes of providing some gained optimism, insight and perspective, which has direct application to any and all readers. 

      The book is based on the covenant God made with Abraham.  He covenanted with Abraham that he and Sarah would have their long-awaited son, Isaac, who would be born to them (the covenant couple) within the next year.  The accounts of Abraham and Isaac, and the story of (Abraham’s great grandson) Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, also, the celebration of the Passover, as well as, the separation and capture of the lost tribes of Israel, are all focuses in the book, as they relate to the covenant God made with Sarah and Abraham.  The standard set by them is examined and explained, and the relevance of it is presented, in all its hope and glory!

     Ever since I was a youngster, I have enjoyed reading the Bible and learning about other religions.  When I attended college, Chicago Loyola University School of Dentistry/Dental Hygiene Program, I not only had an excellent education, but I was able to learn about the Catholic religion, up close and personal.  It was a marvelous embarking that enabled me to develop an enduring respect for the goodness of Catholics and the motivation behind all their charitable efforts.  I have developed an endearing relationship with them and the interaction I experienced has helped me to come to a better understanding of my own Christian religion.

     Sarah and Abraham’s story is one that touches us all and is an inspirational tale of hope and love.  Everyone has a deep desire to be loved and we all hope for lasting relationships that are fulfilling and eternal.  My reason for writing this book is to attract readers to begin their own journey through the incredible sagas told in the Bible.  Much of today’s society dismisses religion and its tremendous significance and influence, which explains most of the modern chaos and divisive aftermath.  I think I’m on a crusade to “save the Bible messages and life lessons" contained therein.  Hopefully, through the book, I will entice old-comers to renew the commitment to their religious study and new-comers to experience the excitement of an adventuresome and valuable, brand-new discovery. 


I read your book; LOVE it!
I like the Bible story of the woman touching Jesus' robe, with immediate healing following; very straight-forward message of hope & faith. Wish all Bible messages that simple. Thanks for the book.
Keep the faith!
Very rewarding endeavor.

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