Kristy Landgren

Habitat Heartbreak

Fierce winds fueling horrific fires: News reports that more than 45 deaths are confirmed with many more people missing. The winds are ferocious again today; many trees uprooted around neighborhoods and tremendous damage. This Twitter photo captured the horror and heartbreak; I truly hope that whomever took it helped the horse get to safety. I am heartsick over the people and animal lives already lost to the State's greatest fire disaster. "Heaven Heals (by Understanding Abraham's Covenant)," speaks to the sorrow and sadness experienced from loss of loved ones through the normal course of life events or these kinds of devastating tragedies, ones for which we attempt to understand and try to explain. To all those who have a hope in faith, or even to those who simply desire to believe, there is a Perspective greater than the eye can see, one that enlightens the mind and warms the heart, in happy times and during the tragedies of life. All we have to do is ask the questions for which we long to know answers.  Usually, of course, answers do not come overnight but continued efforts to ask and keep "eyes" open, eventually lead to small events or thoughts that come to mind.  Over time, those lead to other circumstances or impressions, which all work towards guiding us to the insight we ultimately seek.  We've all heard someone express a similar episode:  "Something told be to go home and when I walked in the kitchen, I saw the flames on the gas stove - how did I forget to turn that off?  What a coincidence that was!"  Maybe, but maybe not.  How would we ever know?  I don't think we will until we take the first step and begin the search that will lead to unknown heights. 

Praying for the firefighters' ability to combat these vicious winds. God help and comfort all 😪.  



Picture worth 1000 words; no words, only tears...
So much suffering but it is encouraging to see people come together in times of desperate need. So much hate; we need this kind of love.

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