Kristy Landgren

How Will It End?

When I was in college, my roommate’s sister discovered the Moody Blues, and turned us onto the music. They quickly became our favorite band of all our “favorite” bands back then.  Then I discovered Fleetwood Mac and they soon became a close 2nd favorite band.  And they still are.  Over the years, we expect things to inevitably change (they always do) but a favorite band should not ever change, right?  Wrong – even band members get old, bored, busy, tired, whatever – and we have to sit and patiently watch all the changes but, to my great delight, favorite bands do keep chugging along and they continue to dazzle audiences with familiar classics and magnificent performances.  They even forget a line once in a great while (which keeps it real) and they remind us that even rock and roll legends, as seemingly perfect as they are on stage, are really only human, and that is always a splendid reality check for the adoring fan!

    Well, Fleetwood Mac is coming to Los Angeles in December and I have truly been torn.  How can Fleetwood Mac be Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey?  I’m dying to see the new show but will I die from the disappointing and glaring hole left by the iconic singer/songwriter/guitarist/front man? I tell myself that Christine was missing for years (which was a devastating loss in terms of entertainment value and an impaired song reservoir) but I managed to still enjoy the concerts.  Although, no Lindsey?  How can it possibly be?   But it just is.  

    The only constant in life is change (I do not accept change well) and there are often very good reasons for change:  A chance to grow, TIME for the important things, opportunities for adventure, and on and on.  So, I don’t know if I can do it but I’m trying to break free of familiar expectations and embrace a magnificent and exciting new musical encounter!   I wonder what the future will bring.  I guess the saga continues...


I love Oingo Boingo! Great concert.
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Long live great music!

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