Kristy Landgren

Something to Sing About


Christmas is almost here and it has been a tough year. Instead of racking up debt and purchasing unaffordable items, how about writing a song for a friend or loved one - something simple and unique about the person. I always wished I had the technical skills to write and produce a sophisticated song but, rather, mine tend to be simple songs. In this particular case, maybe simple is better. It is less costly, it is less time-consuming, and, most of all, it is humble. It could be touching, energetic, light-hearted, melancholy, humorous or whatever you want it to be. But, most importantly, it is from your own heart's creativity. Aren't those usually the best gifts anyway? This year, give yourself and someone else something to sing about. Give the gift of music - isn't it everyone's favorite?



Oh, my goodness! The Imax Theater’s 3D movie production of the Hubble Telescope is beyond unbelievable. The images from the telescope and the scientific discoveries which have occurred as a result are blowing my mind. I probably need to return to the movie about 10 more times just to begin to absorb such monumental significance. Remember how much fun it used to be to go to an observatory and look through telescopes? Not anymore! Earth’s atmosphere distorts even the most sophisticated telescope’s photographs so they seem primitive and inadequate. The Hubble orbit’s the entire earth

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