Kristy Landgren


Well, it's been a long, hard week. But the weekend is here and time for another adventure. Tomorrow I'm off to discover where on earth is Temecula. I feel like I'm becoming a connoisseur of Southern California Casinos. Since I work way too hard for my money, I don't even gamble but, in the last two years, I've spent more time at Indian Casinos than I have in a lifetime. It seems they are the happening place for concerts, and the hottest tour on the road these days is The Moody Blues. They were my favorite band in college (Fleetwood Mac was a close second) and they are still my favorite. I've always been drawn to them - I suppose it's the melodies, or the style, or the consummate performing skills, or I don't know what. Certainly, I never tire of listening to all my favorite classics. They continue to be a tremendous influence on my own songwriting, so I guess I could say I'm actually off on an educational assignment. I could say that but anyone who knows me knows I'm really just looking for a good reprieve from the rat race. So if you're looking for a good reprieve, as well, get out your GPS and meet me in Temecula for the best show of the season!