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           According to the Pew Research Center, several resources, including comScore TV Essentials and FactTank, found that the three major cable news networks (CNN, Fox News, & MSNBC), Network News, and Local News organizations all saw declines in the average audience viewership during the time slot of the evening news in 2017.  The average audience for the daytime slots remained relatively stable.  More “Americans are relying less on television for their news”.  The Pew analysis found that Local News experienced the greatest decline but still retains the largest audience of the three news sectors...

Life as a Musician



    The earliest memories of my life as a musician are in the upper floor studio of Miss Arnold.  I began my piano lessons (with my hand curled around a golf ball, in proper positioning technique) when I was 4 years old.  My mom was a magnificent singer, pianist, performer and entertainer.  Although, I will never fill her shoes, luckily for me, she was determined that I benefit from music in my life.  She started me out with Miss Arnold’s piano lessons, then supported and encouraged me as I later dabbled in my brother's garage bands (you can imagine how well that went - sister hanging around).  In high school, I sang in/accompanied A Capella choirs and musicals.  I joined community chorales, began singing in the Church choir, and filled in as organist when I was 16. 

     Songwriting came next.  All writing enables personal expression...

The Book is for All Religions



     “Heaven Heals (By Understanding Abraham’s Covenant),” discusses the covenant God made with Abraham, specifically, the covenant He made with Sarah and Abraham.  Because documentation explaining this covenant is scattered throughout the scriptures, it can be difficult to realize its significance, and how it relates to all of God’s children. But, in this book, the documentation has been gathered and compiled into a concise study, which is easy for readers to understand and to apply to each one’s individual situation. 

     People from all religions will find it interesting to explore, throughout the book, the covenant between God and Sarah/Abraham because, as they will discover, it has a relationship to all individuals/couples.  All religions have origins in God and the three major world religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have foundational ties to the Old Testament.  God created mankind in His image and He loves all His children.  The study of Abraham’s covenant reveals...

Why Read the Bible?



    Going to church is the way we worship God and we participate in fellowship with other believers.  There is a peace that comes from the momentary escape of weekly concerns, as we settle into the reverence of the sanctuary and the calming music that precedes the hour’s lessons of holy instruction.   It is a time to offer prayers of gratitude or concerns, praise God through song and story, and reflect on the activities of the recent past, with intended strategies for improvement, as we go forward towards a brand-new week of hopefulness.  There is a generated energy achieved from the weekly “battery recharge,” a refocus on God’s priorities and a recommitment to follow Him and serve others.  Fellowship is gained from associations with similar believers; strength is in numbers and accomplishment is assured with a battalion of devoted do-gooders, confident in the dutiful purpose of bettering ourselves and the world around us.

    On a personal level, when we study the Bible, individually, among families, or in small groups, we allow...


Sarah and Abraham's Synopsis


    The book of Genesis, in the Bible, tells that the prophet, Abraham, was originally named Abram, and Sarah, his wife, originally Sarai.  God told Abram to leave his country, Ur, and He would show them the way towards the land of Canaan, where he would be blessed by God.  As they traveled in Canaan, they came upon a famine, so Abram and Sarai continued southward to Egypt.  But Abram feared that, because his wife was beautiful, he would be killed, and she would be taken by the princes to Pharaoh.  At this trying time, they devised a plan to pass her off as his sister.  When they arrived in Egypt, they were, indeed, separated.  Abram was treated well because they believed him to be her brother but Sarai was taken away to the palace of Pharaoh.  So, God sent plagues to afflict Pharaoh’s household.  It was then that they were discovered to be a married couple.  Pharaoh was angry and sent them away, out of Egypt, where they returned to Canaan.   

    Abram and Sarai were devoted to each other and they, like other devoted couples, were in search of a chance at the happy life of faith and family.  God had previously promised Abram an everlasting seed, which would become a great nation, blessing the entire earth.  Because of Abram’s great faith, he believed God, but wondered how he would have a child, since Sarai was barren.  God reiterated that he would create a covenant with him but, thus far, the means by which this covenant would be established had remained vague.  

Allow Me to Introduce Myself, Please


 Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends! 

For those new to my site, I am a songwriter, and the author of the book, Heaven Heals (By Understanding Abraham’s Covenant). I’ve had many readers ask why I wrote the book and, although there were several catalysts, my best motivation was that I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify several confusing Biblical accounts, one of which is the account of Sarah and Abraham.  The Bible is full of stories, parables, and lessons, some of which are more discernible than others. When I first read the account of Sarah and Abraham, I thought it was an awful story, full of drama, sadness, and plenty of tragedy to go around for all involved.  But, as a result of my years of research and scripture study, I wrote the book in hopes of providing some gained optimism, insight and perspective, which has direct application to any and all readers. 

      The book is based on the covenant God made with Abraham.  He covenanted with Abraham that he and Sarah would have their long-awaited son, Isaac, who would be born to them (the covenant couple) within the next year.  The accounts of Abraham and Isaac, and the story of (Abraham’s great grandson) Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, also, the celebration of the Passover, as well as, the separation and capture of the lost tribes of Israel, are all focuses in the book, as they relate to the covenant God made with Sarah and Abraham.  The standard set by them is examined and explained, and the relevance of it is presented, in all its hope and glory!

     Ever since I was a youngster, I have enjoyed

Journey With Sarah and Abraham


The Biblical account of Sarah and Abraham is one of hope, love, drama, disappointments, and ultimately, celebration in the purpose of their legendary lives.  Each of us searches, as well, for the hope and joy found in the discovery of a true love, just as Sarah and Abraham.  Explore the significance of their footprints along the human trail, and realize who you are, and how God's promises affect you, as you take a journey through the classic story of Sarah and Abraham.


Habitat Heartbreak


Fierce winds fueling horrific fires: News reports that more than 45 deaths are confirmed with many more people missing. The winds are ferocious again today; many trees uprooted around neighborhoods and tremendous damage. This Twitter photo captured the horror and heartbreak; I truly hope that whomever took it helped the horse get to safety. I am heartsick over the people and animal lives already lost to the State's greatest fire disaster. "Heaven Heals (by Understanding Abraham's Covenant)," speaks to the sorrow and sadness experienced from loss of loved ones through the normal course of life events or these kinds of devastating tragedies, ones for which we attempt to understand and try to explain. To all those who have a hope in faith, or even to those who simply desire to believe, there is a Perspective greater than the eye can see, one that enlightens the mind and warms the heart, in happy times and during the tragedies of life; all we have to do is ask the questions for which we long to know answers.  Usually, of course, answers do not come overnight but continued efforts to ask and keep "eyes" open, eventually lead to small events or thoughts that come to mind and, over the course of time, those lead to other circumstances or impressions, which all work towards guiding us to the insight we ultimately seek.  We've all heard someone express a similar episode:   

How Will It End?


When I was in college, my roommate’s sister discovered the Moody Blues, and turned us onto the music. They quickly became our favorite band of all our “favorite” bands back then.  Then I discovered Fleetwood Mac and they soon became a close 2nd favorite band.  And they still are.  Over the years, we expect things to inevitably change (they always do) but a favorite band should not ever change, right?  

Inspirational Read


Michael Phelps "return"; article by Eric Metaxas

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